Candlelighters Fun Walk-2021

Carly's Crew

I’m so excited to be walking for Candlelighters this year! 

As you may know, I am the Director of Programs & Communications with Candlelighters Houston working with families in the area who have been impacted by childhood cancer.  I have the privilege of planning events and overseeing programs that serve not only the child with cancer, but their whole family.

Candlelighters is an organization that provides daily services for childhood cancer families and the Fun Walk raises money for those services and programs, which are all offered FREE of charge. 

Here's what Fun Walk donations will be used for:

1. Hospital Parking Assistance - Parking costs is one of the largest non-medical expenses to childhood cancer, costing families thousands in their first year of treatment along! Families have to pay $13 per day to park at the hospitals, and Candlelighters is able to provide relief for families through parking vouchers. 

2. Emotional Support - Our weekly virtual support group meetings have grown tremendously over the past year and Candlelighters Parent Consultants (staff who are also parents of childhood cancer survivors) are working around the clock to touch base and check-in with our families and their needs.

3. Gas Cards & Grocery Cards - this continues to be a top request as families are more than ever are strapped for basic needs due to unemployment due to COVID-19. 

4. Memorial Funds - cancer hasn't quit, unfortunately.  Children are still being diagnosed and gaining their angel wings.  Candlelighters provides financial assistance for families to hold memorial services for their children.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to support Candlelighters so we can continue to serve childhood cancer families.   Whatever you can give, thank you for helping all the children with cancer and their families that Candlelighters serves!

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