2019 Candlelighters Fun Walk

MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital

Over the 18 years I have worked with families at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital, many of you have asked how to give back. I have finally decided to ask you all if you are interested in doing so by supporting the Candlelighters Wild West Walk 2019. No matter if you live in Houston, or you live in North Carolina, Tennessee or Hawaii, you can assist in this event. Do you have to attend the walk? Most definitely NO! Can you attend the walk? Of course, I would love to see those who are able to come! Family is always welcome, and all of you are most definitely FAMILY!

I have set up a Candlelighters MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital Walk Team. I am asking each of you to sign up as a Walker under this wonderful team umbrella. Please sign up as – “In Honor of {YOUR CHILD’S NAME}” or “In Memory of {YOUR CHILD’S NAME}”. I am asking each of you to set a goal of $100. It should be very easy. Ask 10 friends to donate $10. There you go - $100. Of course, more is better. If you are staff at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital (or if you are former staff), please register as {Your First Name} {Your Last Name} – STAFF. If you raise $100, I will get a Walk T-Shirt for you, so be sure to indicate it on the registration form. Checks and Cash can be accepted. Checks should be made out to "CANDLELIGHTERS". Any checks and cash donations can be mailed to: Jaynie Hutchinson, 1106 Tangle Briar Drive, Taylor Lake Village, TX 77586. I will make sure this is credited to your Walker and then gets to the office.

The goal of this team is to raise $30,000 collectively. So join us, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at jhutchinson@candle.org. If you need help setting up your Walker, you can contact Kelsey Tarpinian at the office, kelseyt@candle.org or 713-270-4700.


Jaynie Hutchinson
Parent Consultant
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance
MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

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