2019 Candlelighters Fun Walk



This year I am forming a team to walk in the Candlelighters Fun Walk and I would love for you to support us!  I am walking in honor of all the families who face childhood cancer.  Candlelighters makes a difference in the lives of childhood cancer families each and every day.
Candlelighters is a local charity serving families facing childhood cancer. The Fun Walk raises money for Candlelighters annual family camp – a get-a-way for the whole family.  Many camps in Houston offer the child with cancer a getaway, but Candlelighers believes that it is very important for the whole family to come together away from the treatment facilities and their everyday hectic lives. The cost to send a family  to camp is approximately $800. Our goal is to raise $1000. 

Thank you for supporting us and for helping all the children with cancer and their families that Candlelighters serves!

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