Candlelighters Fun Walk-2018

Frontier Utilities


This year we are participating in the Candlelighters Fun Walk and we would love for you to join us!  We are walking in honor of all the families who face childhood cancer.  Will you support our Frontier Utilities walk team as we partner with this amazing local organization? This organization’s mission directly impacts families here in Houston when they visit MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital by providing emotional, educational and practical support. Candlelighters make a difference in these families lives each and every day.

Frontier is sponsoring Candlelighters as a Silver Sponsor of the 2018 Fun Walk, which is themed “A Royal Re-Do”. Now it’s our turn to contribute to this wonderful cause!  The Fun Walk raises money for Camp Cliff, an annual family camp held outside Austin. Candlelighters believe it is extremely important for the entire family to have quality time away from the treatment facilities and everyday hectic lives. The cost to send a camper is approximately $200 and this year’s goal is to host 250 campers. Any amount given is appreciated and helps meet our fundraising goal! 

Thank you for supporting our Frontier Family and Candlelighters!


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