Fundraising Tips

On behalf of the children and families we serve, we thank you for your support of Candlelighters and our mission.  

With these five tips, it will be easy to meet your individual giving goal and climb the fundraising leaderboard. Most importantly, every dollar you raise will help Candlelighters bring hope to those who need it.

1. Make it Personal

The most successful fundraisers use personal emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings to get the word out about their campaign. Facebook and Twitter are a good start, but personal and direct outreach works best.

2. Ask Boldly

Think creatively about all of the people you can reach in your network. Consider friends, family, colleagues, classmates and their networks. Look to departments (on campus or your workplace), companies and organizations. Don’t be afraid to talk about money and make the ask! Most people have been touched by cancer and would love to support this amazing cause.

3. Get Smart

Download these Talking Points and educate yourself about childhood cancer and the mission of Candlelighters. People will want to know why they should help and what it means to you.

4. Lead the Way

Be the first to donate to your campaign! It proves you’re committed and gives your campaign momentum.

5. Cheerlead and Give Thanks

Your supporters will want to hear from you. Update individuals, organizations and businesses about your progress towards your goal and how the money is being put to good use. And don’t forget to THANK everyone – no matter how big or small the donation. As personally as possible, let them know how grateful you are.

Need Help?

Childhood cancer matters to all of us, and fundraising should be a team effort. Start a campaign!   Candlelighters staff members are also available to come to your company to host a kickoff informational meeting or to answer any questions your team may have.

For questions, advice, or support: contact us! Call 713-270-4700 or email Lynn Wheeler at

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