2019 Candlelighters Fun Walk

Carly's Crew

As you all know, I am the Program Director with Candlelighters Houston working with families in the area who have been touched by childhood cancer. I have the privilege of planning events the whole family gets to come, have a great time, and get away from their "cancer bubble" for a little bit... all 100% FREE OF CHARGE!

To be completely honest, it is tough work seeing the real-life battle that not only the child has to go through, but the whole family... and this is why I strive to make each and every event and program that we plan for the families better and better each time.

One of the ways I am able to improve on what I can plan and what we as an organization can provide is through our fundraisers. Our 'Fun Walk' is a way to not only raise essential funds for our work, but also to celebrate those who have fought, who have beat cancer, who are still fighting, and to honor those who battled.

If you feel compelled, I'd love to have friends donate, join my walk team, and come to the walk to celebrate everyone's hard work fundraising, and most importantly honor these sweet families who have battled and are battling cancer! All funds go to support our efforts to walk alongside these amazing families

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