2020 Candlelighters Fun Walk

Walking Alongside Childhood Cancer Families Every Step of the Way!

Candlelighters Candlelighters Candlelighters Candlelighters Candlelighters Candlelighters

Join us for the 2020 Fun Walk benefiting Candlelighters. Candlelighters serves children with cancer and their families receiving treatment in the Texas Medical Center and provides all of its services and programs at NO COST to these families. Funds raised from the Fun Walk help fund all of Candlelighters programs and services proivded daily for childhood cancer families; including: hospital parking assistance, emotional support from families who have survived childhood cancer, meal passes, groceries, gas cards, and more! These programs and services are provided to any and all families with a child who has received a cancer diagnosis. As cancer affects the entire family, all our programs and services include the entire family - because one day, cancer will be gone, but our families will be here forever.

Walk where you are on Saturday, September 12, 2020

This year, we're challenging you to take 4,186 steps on Walk Day (about 2 miles) - each step represnets a Candlelighters family - a family who Candlelighters has provided support for during and after their child's cancer treatment; support for the child with cancer, the parents, and the siblings!

Join the VIRTUAL conversation! 

*for those of you who have walked with us in the past, we unfortunately cannot afford to reward walkers with t-shirts this year - good news is, when you purhcase one of these t-shirts, we get a portion of each sale! 



Get your family, friends and company involved! Here are the ways YOU can participate:

1. Candlelighters Family Team (family walking in honor of their child who has/had cancer)

2. Community Team (family or group other than one directly affected by childhood cancer walking in support of Candlelighters mission)

3. Corporate Team (office, company or large corporation walking together for Candlelighters mission)

4. Individual Walker (not on a team but still want to help fundraise)


TEAM CAPTAINS - when you start your team, we encourage you to recruit at least 10 friends or family members to register and walk with your team! Each walker who raises $100 or more will receive a free Walk T-Shirt on the day of the walk! Remember, the more friends and family members you recruit, the more team members you have fundraising! Don't forget to set a goal for your team!

With questions about Sponsoring or Volunteering at our Fun Walk please contact Lynn Wheeler at lwheeler@candle.org.

With questions about registering online, starting a Walk Team and/or any fundraising ideas please contact Kelsey Tarpinian at kelseyt@candle.org.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

First Horizon Bank/Iberia Bank

Agilent Technologies

Oler Relocation

James A. Ullrich CPA

Origin Bank

Jianna Jewelers

2020 Fun Walk Goal: $200,000

Money Raised: $154,312.42

Progress: 75%
Progress: 75%
Raised: $ 150716     Goal: $ 200000
Days Until Walk:29

Top 5 Teams

  1 -  Ellen O'Neal Team ($9,910.00)
  2 -  Team Constellation ($8,672.71)
  3 -  Magical Miles ($5,770.00)
  4 -  Nathaniels Animals ($5,720.00)
  5 -  Team Weichert/Wayne Murray ($5,145.00)

Top 5 Individuals

  1 -  Childhood Cancer Hero Joellen Snow ($9,910.00)
  2 -  Childhood Cancer Hero Jay Beasley ($5,720.00)
  3 -  Childhood Cancer Hero Jennifer Wilbur ($3,855.00)
  4 -  Childhood Cancer Hero Tricia Solberg ($3,440.00)
  5 -  Childhood Cancer Hero Colette Rambur ($2,940.00)

Click here to form a team Click here to join an existing team Click here to register as an individual Click here to find a team or participant Click here to donate directly Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance
Top Teams by Division


  1. Team Constellation - $8,672.71
  2. Team Weichert/Wayne Murray - $5,145.00
  3. Coldwell Banker - $3,855.00
  4. Quanta Services - $2,040.00
  5. GEODIS Cares - $2,000.00


  1. Ellen O'Neal Team - $9,910.00
  2. Magical Miles - $5,770.00
  3. Team Solberg - $3,505.00
  4. Team Luke Fights Leuk - $3,365.09
  5. All For Allie - $2,940.00


  1. Nathaniels Animals - $5,720.00
  2. Team ReJoyce - $4,960.00
  3. Wheelers Walkers - $4,675.00
  4. Team Tarpinian - $4,021.42
  5. ĦO'LESO! - $2,685.00
Top Fundraisers

Candlelighters Family Walker

  1. Childhood Cancer Hero Joellen Snow - $9,910.00
  2. Childhood Cancer Hero Tricia Solberg - $3,440.00
  3. Childhood Cancer Hero Colette Rambur - $2,940.00
  4. Childhood Cancer Hero Luke Carrillo - $2,785.09
  5. Childhood Cancer Hero Megan Probe - $2,535.00

Community Walker

  1. Childhood Cancer Hero Jay Beasley - $5,720.00
  2. Childhood Cancer Hero Kelsey Tarpinian - $2,200.00
  3. Childhood Cancer Hero Lynn Wheeler - $2,195.00
  4. Childhood Cancer Hero Carly Bradshaw - $1,860.00
  5. Childhood Cancer Hero Katie Stanton - $1,565.00

Corporate Team Walker

  1. Childhood Cancer Hero Jennifer Wilbur - $3,855.00
  2. Childhood Cancer Hero Jenna Jackson - $2,040.00
  3. Childhood Cancer Hero Wayne Murray - $1,505.00
  4. Childhood Cancer Hero Christina Mattera - $1,000.00
  5. Supporting Childhood Cancer Families rebecca cox - $770.00

Individual Walker

  1. Supporting Childhood Cancer Families Lewis Ehrle - $910.69
  2. Parking Hero Milestone Melanie Alcantar - $245.00

Virtual Participant

  1. Parking Hero Milestone James Jones - $200.00
  2. Parking Hero Milestone Barbara Stevenson - $140.00
  3. Cyndi Gaido - $50.00
Top Donors

Exelon Employee Match

Iberia Bank

Company MP2 Energy

Sugar Land Skeeeters Jersey Auction

Company Agilent

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