School Initiative

Calling All Schools!


Schools around Houston are partnering with Candlelighters to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer.  Whether your school has a student with cancer or not, this is a great lesson for kids of all ages to learn – that kids with cancer are no different than they are, and the importance of giving back!

We have found fundraising in schools works best when the students set their own plan. Over the years we’ve kept track of which ideas have excelled and have developed several fundraising options that can easily be modified for each school’s unique goal to achieve awareness and fundraising success. Your school may choose a program that recognizes individual achievement or choose a group fundraiser, or both! Most importantly, we want children to learn more about childhood cancer and how to help other children by taking action to make a difference in someone else’s life!


With questions about registering online and/or any fundraising ideas please contact Kelsey Tarpinian at


Top Teams by Division

Elementary School

  1. Fall Creek Elementary School - $302.00
  2. Goforth Elementary - 5th Grade - $196.00

Middle School

  1. Sablatura Middle School - $213.00
Top Donors

Gold Day

Chris Joseph 6th grade

Miss Jolene Barnett

Team TCU

Team TCU

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